2020 To Covid or not to covid

The past season was dominated by the covid epidemic and all the sanitary measures that accompanied it. The tourist season therefore went a little bit differently than planned, but luckily we were able to receive a number of new guests. Due to the exceptional location of La Camillette, high on a hilltop, without direct neighbours, a stay without contact is no problem at all. You can therefore safely book a holiday in La Camilette. In the event of exceptional sanitary measures that would make traveling to France impossible, we offer a 100% refund of the reservation amount or a rebooking of your stay.

In the spring, we spent 2 months with our family in lockdown in La Camillette. For most of us this was not a punishment but rather a unique opportunity to relax in the French countryside. Of course we also used this period to do some renovation work. Isabelle, for example, has repainted the garden shed inside and out. And we also made a real two-person swing bench from an old wooden bench from which we sawed the legs. We lso replaced the old shower with a real Italian walk-in shower.

Finally, the path from the provincial road to our house has been re-asphalted by the municipality, and we have deposited a new layer of gravel on the yard.

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