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2019, a new season

Unbelievable, the new year can hardly be called new anymore. 21 days, 11 hours and 52 minutes at this time of writing. Still, it is worth looking back on the 2018 season because despite an unforeseen water leakage at the

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2017 looking back at the season

2017 is already 2 weeks behind us and the new season is imminent. Much has changed in La Camillette over the past year. For example, in April we painted the entire outer wall with a mixture of lime, water and

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2016 More outdoor changes

This past year we continued with the renovation of La Camillette. Around the house In February, all the trees were pruned in the backyard. This was necessary because our fruit harvest had significantly declined in the past years. We’ve managed

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2015 – looking back at the season

At the end of 2015 we look back on a busy and fun season. La Camillette was fully booked from May to September. This year we were delighted to receive many new guests and also meet some old friends again.

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The renovation of the barn

In March 2014 we started with the renovation of the barn. After having withstood wind & rain for 2 centuries, the barn had unfortunately become more or less a ruin and we were afraid that it might collapse. Whenever there

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