2017 looking back at the season

2017 is already 2 weeks behind us and the new season is imminent. Much has changed in La Camillette over the past year. For example, in April we painted the entire outer wall with a mixture of lime, water and pigment in the typical  color of the ‘Le Perche’ region. In 2016 we started with the rear wall but now everything is really finished.

To do this job a special hoist had to be rented. This was a fun but also some exciting job because once the crane was at the right height, it blocked and did not want to go down again. Luckily, Camille and Juliette were closeby to place the biggest ladder they could find and finally everything went well.

Furthermore, Isabelle has painted ‘la cabane’, or the garden house, inside again and the roof has also been renewed after it was blown away by a spring storm.

The new lawn mower

A new lawnmower made it’s appearance back in June. It is an American model called “Snapper”, very suitable for our sometimes somewhat hilly garden. Camille and Juliette are now suddenly very motivated to lend a hand with mowing the lawn.

The tree house

There is now also a tree house installed. We have pruned the large willow tree in front of the house so that a cozy seat has been created on the inside of the tree. A small ladder was quickly found and with that, the tree house can now be visited by everyone.

The new season 2018

Before we can welcome our first guests this year, we have plans to further improve the interior. In April, during the Easter holidays, the large dark beams inside the house will get a new light gray color through a treatment consisting of milk and titanium powder. On the outside we will continue with improvements of the yard at the front of the house.

We still have capacity but you are adviced to book rapidly as usually the summer months tend to be fully booked by april.

Greetings and see you in La Camillette,

Jacques, Isabelle, Camille & Juliette

Here are some more pictures from last year.

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