2016 More outdoor changes

This past year we continued with the renovation of La Camillette.

Around the house

In February, all the trees were pruned in the backyard. This was necessary because our fruit harvest had significantly declined in the past years. We’ve managed to save a few apples of the birds and other animals with a broad interest in a delicious fruity snack. (deer and wild pigs). In total we had 38 trees pruned. In the beginning it looked a bit bare, but this summer we could enjoy of a rejuvenated garden with lots of fresh green. We had no fruit at all but that seems to be normal after such treatment so our hopes on fresh apples, pears, plums and raspberries etc. are focused on this year.

In the autumn we also trimmed the big willow tree in front of the house and the three birch trees on the west side. This year we are planning to build a small tree terrace in the willow to play or enjoy the view.

The barn is ready

It took a total of two years but finally the last part of the barn has been completely restored. During the summer holidays we covered the front wall with a mixture of lime and hemp just like the other sides. Furthermore Isabelle has improved some more things on the terrace with her great eye for detail. We are very glad that this job is now finally done. It was sometimes a bit tough but we are thrilled with the end result.

Baking ‘ball’s of oil’

During the Christmas holidays we baked a dutch speciality called ‘Oliebollen”. This traditional food, which is only made on december 31st doesn’t have a very apitizing name but the taste is delicious. We also made apple fritters. Camille and Juliette spontaneously offered to take care of the less successful ones.

Preparation for the new season 2017

Even though it’s still early January, preparations have already begun for the new season. The first reservations have arrived and it looks like it’s going to be a busy season. During the Easter holidays we plan to continue painting the remaining sides of the house with the nice yellow paint. We also have plans to continue improving the garden and the yard. And why not a small vegetable garden for pumpkins? (We love “soupe de potiron” – :).

Finally, here are some pictures of the past year.

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