2023 repairs and sustainability

We look back on 2023 with satisfaction as a year of many major and minor improvements in and around the house. The past year has been a year dedicated to repairs and sustainability.

In the spring, the terrace at the front of the house was relaid with new tiles. This had actually been the plan for a long time because we never really liked the small terrace tiles since we bought our house in 2010. But well, priorities and such…

Now it has finally happened and there is a brand-new terrace with larger tiles, laid in traditional style. New floors have also been laid inside the house in the shower and the adjoining toilet.

During our summer vacation, we mainly focused on the garden.

Our goal: Repair instead of replace and make things more sustainable where possible in the garden and the surroundings.

Our returning guests will remember the old farm cart that was ‘parked’ in the garden at the front of the house. There was actually no longer any question of a cart, as the pitiful remaining pile of planks could no longer be called. Fortunately, Juliette, one of our daughters who is pursuing an engineering degree, was willing to make a new construction drawing. And, armed with this information, the necessary wood and nails were purchased and within 2 days there was a brand new farm cart in front of the house, built according to the original model.

Other changes to the exterior are in random order:

  • A new layer of gravel on the yard and on the access path for the hot tub
  • A fresh new layer of white paint on all window frames and surrounds.
  • A small storage shed for the fireplace wood
  • A wooden compost bin
  • New plants around the hot tub
  • A rain barrel
  • An insect hotel
  • A birdhouse

By the way, all changes in the garden did not go unnoticed by our four-legged neighbors who regularly came to take a look and, on their way, sample some apples and pears -:)

In the fall, we realized a number of projects. For example, a charging station has been installed for our guests with an electric car. From next season, you can charge your electric car for a small fee of the cost price.

Isabelle also painted the wooden beams of the ceiling in the children’s bedroom on the ground floor. The result is a much lighter and more pleasant room.

Furthermore, the roof at the back of the house has been completely renewed. All wooden beams and tiles have been replaced. This was necessary to prevent the risk of leakage during heavy rain showers. Well, a house that is over 200 years old regularly needs some attention.

We wanted to also give a special thanks to Serge & Olivier, our favourite local handymen, for whom no challenge was to difficult to overcome. Thanks a lot of guys!

Fortunately, all necessary repairs are now behind us, and we can focus on the new season again.

2024 is only a few days away, and we hope to welcome many new and returning guests to La Camillette this summer.

Jacques, Isabelle, Camille, and Juliette

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